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One of the most important stages of building their own home, are roofing. The main purpose of the arrangement is reliable and durable roof that will protect the building from the top from rainfall and other whims of mother nature. In turn, a key step of its installation is the choice of roofing material, which must be reliable, convenient in transportation and installation, presentable, and of course with reasonable price. Today meets all of these requirements and specifications, which are combined optimally.


What is this material?

when Selecting any building material, we hope to obtain certain characteristics, which indicate the range of its application. It is obvious that these properties depend on the structure and geometric parameters (in this case, mounting dimensions and size of the profile). Given the global trend in the construction natural selection is directed toward a composite (multi-component), rather than homogeneous homogeneous materials.

Metal is in some way a composite, since the analysis of its transverse section shows that it consists of at least 9 different layers. Shall be based alyumotsinkovym or galvanized steel sheet, whose thickness is in the range of 0.35 to 0.7 mm (optimally 0.5 m according to European standards). With front and back side of it is applied on four layers of protective and decorative coatings:

  • Zinc coating, which provides a basic corrosion protection;
  • Passivation, a thin protective layer for the zinc, which sooner or later is oxidized, and therefore requires its own protection;
  • Primer, the layer of adhesive material, ensuring a secure grip of the top decorative coatings with corrosion protection;
  • Outer layer, plays a decorative role, simultaneously providing additional protection and durability. In this case, the back side is covered with paint, and facial plastics (polyester, Puranas, puricom, plastisol, Solano, etc).

Metal made from the leaves standardized on a special rolling and profile mills. As a consequence, almost all types of the building materials are of standard dimensions: width 1100 mm (plus or minus), and in length from 450 mm to 8 m.


Types of metal in the form of a profile

Visual-aesthetic properties of the sheet are provided with not only colors, but his profile that mimics the natural tile, provides additional rigidity, reliability and ease of installation. Often use the following types of profiles:

  • Monterrey. Its wavy structure is more reminiscent of other classic ceramic tile. There are several modifications of this sheet, which, however, does not alter the overall visual concept, and often different dimensions of the profile;
  • Cascade. Unlike the previous has a more rectilinear and symmetrical profile resembling a chocolate bar. Ideal for roofing work with a complex configuration of the roof;
  • Joker. Also has a symmetrical profile, wherein a straight bottom and a semicircular crest;
  • Andalusia. This profile is somewhat similar to the previous one, but with a more rounded plantar region. Distinguished by the fact that has an original solution to avoid an open fastener;
  • Shanghai. The profile relates to symmetrical and somewhat reminiscent of the previous two, with the only difference that on the plantar portion contains two convex sulcus.

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