What is the Alpine slide (rock garden)

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Alpine slide ( rock garden) a frequent guest of the suburban area. The Russians are very much liked an arrangement of plants and stones. However, not every stone lined flower bed is the Alpine slide. By the way read about in a garden area you can visit: rozarii.ru.


the Story of the Alpine slide

the Rock garden came to Russia from Europe, in which they appeared in the mid-18th century. There are 3-ri the main periods in the history of Alpine slides:

  • I period, a riot of stones . Then there were caves and massive structures of stone. These were the stone giants with some small patches of evergreens and fern
  • II the period of the unity of stone and plants . Habitats for plants will become stones. Alpine plants (often Alpine) were placed in an artificial environment that simulated mountain terrain;
  • III period a riot of plants which diluted the stone . Harmonious arrangement of plants and stones (and the plants were not only Alpine).

Today is the heyday of the 3rd period, and if you look at their appearance, the Alpine garden more similar to a rockery (can have does not look like mountainous terrain, horizontal composition, to accommodate not only the plants of Alpine origin, but also others, may be even artificial hybrids).


Modern Alpine slide

the Rock garden is a landscape composition that cimitirul mountain landscape, at its center stands one stone (can be a group of stones), on its slopes create a site like terraces with squat shrubs, and other plants.

In nature, Alpine slide can form in the natural fracture of the mountain, that under the action of external factors suitable for overgrown with plant life a fertile soil layer. The re-establishment of such a difficult landscape on your plot requires a lot of imagination and effort. Nature rarely creates something that is symmetric, and the man struggling to create chaos, from which, in turn, direct beauty is born.

For the rock garden looked favorably on your site, he needs space, so in almost all cases is scaled by their square stone structure.

on creating the Alpine garden of your dreams should be approached with a sense of proportion and taste your composition of the stone should not look foreign. Doesn't make sense to pile in a field of rocks and cliffs, much more to look simulation of the valley or mountain slope without a strong exaltation.

Alpine slides can be as stone gardens and a gently sloping rock garden or even a rockery, but its meaning always remains the same it should be a harmonious arrangement of plants and stones.

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