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Today we look at the main benefits of doors PVC profile and help us in this razobratsya Ivanov PR - employee Stekloplast, where, incidentally, you can buy high-quality plastic doors Kharkov.

The strength and durability of plastic doors

Beforelgovechnost - a 1-on of the main characteristics of metal plastic doors , the first thing you need to pay attention. Due to the characteristics of PVC profile and characteristics of the doors are installed in buildings that are located in the coastal zone. These metal-plastic construction resistant to hydrochloricenomu sea air, humidity, precipitation and wind loads. Thus PVC products do not require special maintenance, and not fastidious in operation. But the wooden doors - they are full of opposites, it is all much more complicated - they require regular surface treatment and special care. Most manufacturers of PVC in their productsTheological give 10-year warranty.

Fire plastic doors

The structure of the profile PVC incombustible. Door construction made of this material meets absolutely all standards of fire safety. Today the market of metal plastic productsIt gives customers a huge variety of doors . All of them are distinguished not only their appearance, but also the functionality of the system and additional options.


On the market today there are many manufacturers of windows and doors , which offer customers plastic doors. The websites of some manufacturers of windows, you can find a free service calculating the value of the removed measurements. So, you yourself can make the calculation of cost of the desired structure. Usually , production time does not exceed 14 days. As a result, you have the flooruchaete good quality made-to-order product. Often, in the manufacture of plastic doors using white PVC profile. This material allows you to create a huge variety of doors . For doors, you can choose profiledifferent shades and textures, laminated wood. If your house is all transparent structures are made in the same style « wood & raquo ;, then the doors must be chosen in the same tone.


are made of energy-efficient PVC profile, which providesie high thermal insulation and tightness of structure, allowing to approach the issue of energy consumption and makes it possible to economically support the stable and in the apartment comfortable temperature. Also, metal doors to prevent penetration into the apartment from outside moisture, noise and dust. With such doors will turn your home into a quiet islandwarmth and comfort. Science does not stand still and the technology is constantly improving, so no need to worry about the safety of such eco-friendly doors . At the end of its lifetime, the doors of PVC profile can be recycled without any harm to the external environment.


Entrance metal-plastic door — it is affordable, modern and reliable choice. This kind of design will give your dwelling a high level of security, because the majority of doors PVC profile equipped with special anti-burglar elements that do not allow to remove or break the itemWorku.

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