Polypropylene Fiber

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PP fiber – it is the smalleste polypropylene fibers of defined length and diameter with the desired physical, chemical and mechanical properties. One kilogram of fiber contained Screw 250 million. Fibers. By the way, you can see here: fibra.blokbud.lviv.ua.

Application of polypropylene fibers:

  • Decorative Concrete printing;
  • Concrete pavements;
  • stamped concrete;
  • Concrete pipes, slabs, blocks and so on. d.;
  • Peno concrete;
  • shotcrete;
  • Sea defenses;
  • Plastering;
  • Industrial Flooring;
  • Ties;
  • Mortars;
  • Paving and Parapyou;
  • Aerodrome plates;
  • Production of piles;
  • Dry construction mixtures.

The main advantages of fiber PP

1. Increases Resistance concrete to freezing and thawing: < / p>

  • Reduces the amount of water in the concrete channel, and as a result gives a strong resistance to freezing;
  • added to concrete a little air, which allows free water to expand and contract in a cycle of thawing / freezing;
  • Do not give podnimatsya sand and cement to the surface;
  • Provides a beamShui cement hydration by controlling the movement of water in the concrete.

2. When the solidification of concrete reduced microplastic shrinkage and cracking:

  • PP fiber , connecting the edges of cracks reduces the risk of fracture when, after hardening concrete shrinks;
  • also improves the ability to deform without breaking the integrity of the concrete in the first 2 - 6 hours after application;
  • Reduces the release of water.

3. Increases Fire concrete :

After the effects of temperature (over 1 hour at 600 0 C) concrete-reinforced PP ceases to be more resistant to bending. Also, after the burning of hydrocarbon (in the Lengthenii 2 hours at 1100 0 C) increases the stability of concrete to splitting.

4. The increase in the stability of concrete to abrasion:

For the lipsoychivost abrasion concrete with a fiber PP about six hours. rises somewhere in the 20%, in the end could increase by 60%.

5. Increased resistance concrete strike:

  • Concrete which contains polypropylene fibers, as compared with conventional, has a great impact resistance (tests showed five-fold advantage) and resistance to splitting;
  • In precast / concrete structures and concrete floor slabs PP fiber betrays bOlsha protection against destruction of the edges of joints.

6. Increased resistance to the penetration of water and chemical. Substances:

Fiber PP reduces the water absorption and permeability of concrete . It is resistant to the vast majority of the chemical. and alkali compounds, which are used in production. Concrete with the inclusion of polypropylene fibers used in reservoirs, docks, ports, sea fences, weirs, concrete bridges and roads, landfill wastewater.

7. An alternative to steel mesh:

PP fiber can be an economical alternative to steel mesh. Fiber PP does not affect the strength of the concrete on a bend. The steel mesh comes into operation only when the concrete has cracked, and fiber PP prevents the emergence of microcracks.

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