What are the most popular colors wall wallpaper right now?

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Wall from wallpaper are the subjectom your interior, which should be selected with special care. Therefore, I recommend you read the color of the most popular wallpapers available today. Remember that from the color , first of all, depends on how you will be working day and most importantly – mood.


The green color evokes positive associations with nature. In nature, there is a set of shades - think of leaves, grass and fresh young greens. Quite a different color from the trees, meadows and magnificent vineyards. Green - the color of nature, it has a romantic forestnymphs, elves and gnomes. Green is closely linked with aromas of cut grass, pine needles, wet leaves after a light summer rain, a slice of lime and mint. Carelessness nature gives a person a sense of balance and harmony. Therefore, the green can be used for almost any room. &Nbsp; Delicate yellow-green - refreshes and tones, makes forsubstituted sophistication and lightness. The interior in soft shades of green recommended for people suffering from insomnia, so this color is appropriate in the bedroom, it promotes relaxation and recreation. The living room is better not to use a lot of green, yellow, or the atmosphere in the room will be sluggish. The children's room is the best combination of green nezhno-and bright yellow.


Turquoise - a refined, comfortable, cool, rich and unique color. This celadon is associated with calm, vast, cool sea. Blue-green shades, light and dark, traditionally perceived as "wet." In the room they create a calm sets, gentle, peaceful atmosphere associated with the sea and sky. Shades of blue-green will help to relax, refresh, restore spiritual and physical strength. If the room is located on the sunny side, the turquoise walls will help it cool. Even the color of a chameleon can be called - in different circumstances and under different lighting, varies from turquoiseblue to green. The classic interior, he is in harmony with gray and beige, in today - with orange and pink, turquoise mix of original looks, light green and purple. And that room was luxurious and exquisitely combine turquoise with gold.

Wet wood

earthyFirst color - a natural, universal, it belongs to the neutral tones. In the interior it gives a sense of comfort, security and tranquility. However, if a gray-brown too much room, it can cause sums. This color is very popular in the design of residential premises, perfectly combined with any other nBoard of. Taupe mutes too flashy color and an excellent background. It is better to combine with bright and ornate color of very harmoniously on gray-brown background looks like a wine-red and golden color. Taupe is most relevant to the husbandskom office, in an ultramodern kitchen or bedroom in a minimalist style.


Beige - one of the most harmonious natural colors. The design of the nature of this color is found everywhere and can be used in any palette. It blends well with the warm and cold color of elegant and will make any room. If you do not want to dwell on a particular color - use a combination of beige and other neutral colors.

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