Should I look for work? And so it otsustvie affects the human body

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The decision of the employee - to find a new work or not - depends on relative wages offered by his firm, and his satisfaction with the current job.   Individuals who can quickly find a work , in a situation of situational anxiety, on the contrary longer control their own behavior and emotsii. Such a set of individual psychological characteristics of the unemployed is explained by significant job loss experiences a situation that leads to persistent changes in the psycho-emotional state and behavior of the individual. The unemployed, particularly with a significant lack of work experience, inherent focus on the group, is not dependent on thee. Such persons are in any way trying to find support for its position (both moral and material). Another feature people looking for a long time work , is the increased level of aggressiveness as a consequence of the situation of frustration. Aggressive reactions may manifest in the form of self-aggression. Etto lead to increased emotional excitability and instability. Accordingly, reduced resistance to stress factors, there may be depression. The occurrence of such psycho-emotional state combined with constant unsuccessful attempts to find a work nrivodyat to abandon further action. As noted above, long-term unemployment reduces the probability of finding a work . To overcome unemployment requires the ability to quickly change their style of behavior, rethinking values ??and criteria of success in life. To help in finding workYou can service.

So, the complexity of the situation of unemployment due to the fact that the inner world of man and his values ??and attitudes tend to inertia, the desire for permanence and preservation of its own internal state. < / p>

What affects the job search?

Bazhnymi factors low probability of employment and the long duration of job search among many people is the lack of demand for labor in most regions, income from odd jobs or part-time farm, age and sex discrimination, professional and territorial balance in the labor market.Employment after 14 months of job search is constantly reduced to almost zero. On the activity of the person in search of work largely influences his self-determination and the pursuit of self-realization, an adequate assessment of their own skills and capabilities, their comparison with the needs of the labor market. More and more job search requires foreheadsAges lability, fast action and diversity. To increase the likelihood of quick positions should be actively present themselves and use various job search techniques. Thus, at the present stage of the scientific issues of the phenomenon of unemployment sufficiently developed. In the works of Russian and foreign scientists find meansElnya number of approaches to the study of the phenomenon of unemployment and its links to other events and phenomena. The article attempts to analyze the job search process, its stages and compile information on the socio-psychological factors affecting the duration of the job search and organize information on the socio-psychologicalespecially the unemployed. However, additional research and development require such aspects as the process of job search, job search strategies and the factors of their choice.

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