Do I need an intermediary when buying an apartment?

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Gone are the days when realtors selling objects only in the secondary market. Increasingly onmullions appear on the stage of excavation. Let us try to understand all the pros and cons of buying an apartment in a new building with the help of realtors and developers in the sales department.

At the risk of one day

The mediators are so accustomed to the tight real estate market, it would seem, without them it is hard to imaginevoices of sale. But if the secondary housing for all is clear: there are flat, there is the seller and buyer. Job Realtor: find the best option and to arrange legal support. The building is not so simple. Your agent can not be responsible for, to complete the house or not, that it happens after you received the rights to LandsIzhimei property. Your money, you risk only.

So, can find an apartment from a variety of options on the market, and developers are limited by their objects. Perhaps the realtors have to sell, and developers - to build. But it is the developer documentation on the ground, the object itself is responsible for what sells.

The reasons for the seller and the buyer

If the developer builds and sells only one object, it is best to refer to the realtor. But if the developer for many years on the market, builds and plans to build more than one object, the sense to work with real estate agents there. When your sales team to sell the apartment can be clearly CONTROLlated: how much money is spent on advertising, and the calls are coming from. Sales leads questioning of potential buyers allows developers to constantly be aware of what is happening on the market.

Why pay more?

It is believed that by selling new building, agent takes a percentage of the jamoyschika, not the buyer. Themselves brokers say that generally the size of the fee for the work of Realtors - 5-8% of the transaction amount (depending on the complexity of its conclusions). Perhaps the mediator and will not take money from the buyer, but it should be understood that the sum of the fee will be laid in the cost per square meter.

Itin the sales department can offer you promotions, discounts, and, finally, it can be easy to bargain. Realtor, unfortunately, will not be able to sell an object lower than the cost of which he has agreed with the developer.

According to senior associate of the Kiev office of the international law firm, if the "better" means desevle then logical to take advantage of sales, as a realtor services are paid in addition and as a rule, make up a certain percentage of the purchase price. She also noted that "if" better "mean to you the level of service and reliability then it all depends on the professionalism of estate agent or employee of the department, etc.Odagiu, as well as directly from the developer. "It depends on the reliability of the developer of the transaction.

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