Forms and types of fabric curtains

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Man by nature has great creative potential, which he, incidentally, is activelyand universally enjoyed. The result of constant, ongoing and comprehensive creative process (in the broadest sense of the word) is all the material wealth of civilization, which we surround ourselves. Generally, if a good poraskinut brains, then we can conclude that all this person does to something different thanI (of course in a positive way) from their own kind. In those roles are most often neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. This innate individualism regards every sphere of human existence, but most clearly seen on the example of the decoration of your home. While the number and variety of materials and technologies that are available to us in an arrayth order changes are virtually all of the global design to such seemingly insignificant elements like curtains.

What are the curtains and how do they work?

blinds or curtains (often because they are present in the plural) - is one of the key elements in decoratingAANII windows, and along one of the key elements in a meaningful concept of interior design space. In addition, the curtains are quite functional element, because they are a tool to regulate the luminous flux through the window.

Cloth curtains

Throughout its history man has been created nredostatochno types of curtains, the most advanced of which can be considered a tissue Rollets system or simply blinds. It is a beautiful, tech and modern elements of windows, which is quite fits into any interior. Its use allows you to get away from the need for undoubtedly beautiful but bulky traditional wTorr, which, moreover, are among the main storage locations in the house dust. The specifics of the design roller blinds fabric (for more information, please visit ) is to be able to quickly transform it without restriction adjacent space. For this element of the fabric roller blinds, which hasno bigger than a window frame or glass, it has the original design additions:

  • the lower shaft or plate member, which is used to make the structure of the total hardness and dimensional stability;
  • upper shaft which is driving the drum. As a rule, it has a side element roteniya which unwinds or winds up the curtain.

Types of fabric roller blinds

Classification Rolet is mainly on design features and principles of management. By way of organizing the upper block Rollets systems can be divided into open and closed. In the first case shaft via BocoO bracket is attached directly to the window (frame), and the second - is enclosed in a special box. Drive roller blinds can be operated manually (eg, using a plastic chain or spring) or by electric drive (spring-loaded switch, remote control, automatic control using the sensor system).

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