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How much is the translation, which is made by professionals? Today we know that is part of aost conventional translation services and translation made immediately.

One of the first criteria that relate to the selection of Office transfer - the cost of services they provide. Foreign customers have always valued kachesTVO, while in Ukraine a lot of customers often agree on something to get a low-quality, but cheap translation.
Sometimes, Office perekladov inflate their prices for the services. This is, of course, that for several reasons. Here are some of them:

The term transfer

For each site you have the opportunity to read: "The cost of the order immediately increases several times." The irony lies in the fact that almost 90% of orders are considered urgent. If you order the usual translation, then the translators Office penwires should translate 5-7 pages during the day. Any technical documentation usually has more than 50 pages. There is a view that when there is a regime of "regular order", you do translation for a week or later. If the order is urgent need to perform, the transfer of small text   You will need to pay for the FEBynomu or triple the rate in order to get professional translation time.

The complexity of the text

The site is often advertised "basic transfer for the price of 35 USD. per page." This in turn means that the translation will cost you 3 times more expensive. You, of course, that you can not with fltheir assessment does not agree. Sometimes the cost to make a translation of the passport or a contract with a foreign company for many thousands of dollars? So to the final price is almost indistinguishable from the start, you need to specify the information by phone or ask to write to e-mail the final cost of the transfer, and do not take in tounderstanding the previous price that was listed on the site. Remember that price, which is present on the site - must be regarded as indicative only.

Office notarized translation

On the Internet you can find companies that provide translation servicesand have their offices, sometimes in a very prestigious areas, but is not considered in this professional Office transfers , for example, . It is said, Office notarized translation. More than80% of these orders directly Office make translations of diplomas, various certificates, powers of attorney and other. In order to carry out the translation of such documents is sufficient even be a student, because in order to translate the name, for example, Ivanov into English was notyaet no difficulty. Normally, such a transfer is performed by managers who often do not have the language professionally. No less important is the fact that the main profits of such companies make directly notarization. And it is very important to many customers.

So, if you want a high-quality translation, theyou must first turn their attention to the experience of corresponding Office .

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