What are the steroids?

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Many people are often dissatisfied with their appearance. It kaSaet not only girls who are constantly unhappy because of its shape, but also the guys who tend to have muscular body like an athlete. Some choose a complicated way to achieve the perfect body - intensive exercise. Then you can feel better, nothing to hang.

Time is passing, and the technology is not standing still. According to the manufacturers of sports nutrition began to think about how to achieve the best results, with not much effort. The solution was found. Invented special preparations (doping ), which help to achieve the goals that you want to. By the way, was helden poll in the US, where found that almost one in three teen aged 12 receives the data sets.

Anabolic steroids

Known doping are anabolic steroids, by the way, they can be read on the website steroids-shop.com.ua. They have male counterpartssex hormones (androgens). These hormones help to stimulate muscle growth and develop male sex organs.

The level of these hormones in adolescents significantly increased, in accordance with such physiological changes a boy turns into a man.

Steroids were first created yetin the 1930s. They are needed in those cases where the sex hormone is not produced naturally. By the way, today, doctors prescribe them when there is a loss of body weight or as a result of such diseases as HIV.

Already in the 1950s, these drugs have been actively used by those people who aretheir application is not needed. Over time they have become necessary for athletes who for various prices tend to win. However, not only athletes use these drugs, but also teenagers.

The origin of steroids:

  • Vegetable;
  • Animal;
  • Artificial.

Apply them not only in sports, but also in medicine.

Steroids, acting on the body, contribute to:

  • increased appetite;
  • Accelerated regeneration of the body;
  • The increase in body weight;
  • The bones and teeth better accumulate phosphorus and calcium;
  • Significantly increases endurance and performance;
  • It improves brain activity;
  • Fear considerablyreduced enforcement;
  • It improves self-confidence;
  • Develop communication skills.

Why use steroids?

Generally, steroids are used to significantly improve your physical appearance. These drugs floorzuyutsya is very popular among athletes who seek to win at any cost. These drugs stimulate the growth of muscle tissue that is so necessary for victory. As for girls, they use these drugs to lose weight, or to succeed in the sport.


SoSteroids are drugs that are used to improve their physical condition, that is to strengthen and increase muscle tissue. At the use of these drugs, remember that you will achieve the best results when you exercise.

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