How to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria

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Even with the most time immemorial, people change their usual place zhitelstva and move forward toward the unknown, an attempt to change something in their lives (most often, the financial component). So it was in the period of IV-VII centuries, better known as the period of the Great Migration, which marked the final collapse of the bulwark of civilization - the Roman Empire. The same trend, only smaller scalTabah observed today. Although today people do not break away from the places and are not allowed on foreign territory in search of a better meta under the sun, but a different kind emigration are still present, as is human nature to look for ways to improve their condition.

The fact that in our country all rosy talkis not necessary. This applies to the economic, social, educational component, and thus naturally pushes people to squeaks that the best of life. To go abroad for work or study can, but to give you an opportunity to become a full citizen, neither of European and overseas countries simply do not agree. This requires notone year and compliance with certain conditions.

But there are states where the residence permit can be obtained by investing in its economy such as buying property. One of these countries is Bulgaria. This is our geographical neighbor, also quite close in spirit, and most importantly - a member of the European Union. It is noetomu, received, you can move freely in all Schengen area without fearing for his position. In addition, to achieve such a procedure may marry a full-fledged citizen of the country

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