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The opening of the new company by yourself - this is a good step towards financial stability. Etc.and that people spend a lot of time to learn the ins and outs of the legal entity. Of course,   This procedure requires a lot of expertise is in the area of ??corporate law. Agree that it takes a long time and it is not so profitable.

Company Registration - a popular service that can provide italo companies. As for the state registration of legal persons, ie registration of the LLC, it is carried out in a place where there is currently executive body. If it is absent, the registration takes place at the site where the body or face. But it is possible, if they have a power of attorney from the legal person.

To register a company, you need to provide a legal address, documents confirming registration. By the way, You will carry out the company "Ukrainian legal experts".

The main stages of registration of the LLC:

  1. The definition of the participants to limit;
  2. The choice of the name and the tax system;
  3. Determine the size of the authorized fund;
  4. Charter Ltd. be drawn up. He is a founding document of the organization;
  5. defines the main napryamki work organization;
  6. The founders of the company to deliver a signature on all necessary documents;
  7. The purpose of the head.

Order Register Ltd. has many advantages than registersamb yourself. Firstly, it can be done much faster and save you money and specialists to carry out this procedure better. Self-registration is not enough that produce a lot of time in the loss, but also to the damaged nerves.

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