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In our time, it is simply impossible to imagine not OdieMr. flower shop without it rose. Indeed, Rose — excellent flower, striking with its charm, magic and excellence. Even the famous English fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen — &Laquo; Beauty and the Beast & raquo ;, it has a special place. Therefore, there is no doubt that Paul Flowersforms a huge popularity and prevalence. Especially now become very fashionable Tutor breeding roses. They can grow in their own rooms, and on the surface of open ground.

Once logged in Agto Novator, you can pick up and of any kind, and nSuper Fine quality. One of the most significant feature is the ability of seedlings to the rapid growth and active development. This can be explained by the fact that the product is absolutely not observed the presence of internal and external pathogens. Ie, bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses definitely not make themselves known.

CroIU, the seedlings can not be the influence of external weather conditions. This makes it possible not to harbor them for the winter, because they are ice-free. Very often they are bred it at home. It should be emphasized that a more productive to improve their growth, the need for continuous availability of bright colors and cool air. And so forthidat more lush and voluminous shape should pinch 2-3 bud and always prune.

Agto Novator help you choose plants for cultivation of roses of any kind and will appreciate the excellent quality of products.

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