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The mirror in the interior

The mirror is an integral part of everyday life. For centuries, we use it for household and cosmetic purposes. We tend to think that the mirror does practical, narrowly utilitarian function of informing us about our appearance. Looking at your reflection a dozen times a day,  you often do not even think that the mirror is an important element of the interior.

Mirror as element of the interiorBetween what mirror can be a tool for smoothing the various deficiencies in the room. It is fully capable to emphasize the elegance and unique style of our house. Proper distribution and reflected of the light sources visually expands the space and creates the illusion of infinite space.  Ornamental frame of the mirror contributes interior decoration, its subordination to one style. Mirror emphasizes comfort and adds to some degree, poetic mystery in a bedroom or living room.

You must treat very seriously to the choice of such interior detail as a mirror. Product dimensions, the shape, the nuances of the frame - all that matters. In addition, each room in the apartment fulfills its goals, and the mirror should be selected on the basis of the functional purpose of the room, where you are going to place it. A mirror can be a stylistic core of the interior of your house. Depending on the idea of ​​a designer mirror frame can be wood, metal, plastic, significantly effects on the uniqueness of interior.

The mirror in the bathroom.

Mirror in the bathroomUsually in this area mirror is placed above the sink. For bathroom is desirable to choose a moving mirror to adjust the angle and direction. Because of the high humidity in the bathroom, it is best to choose a frame of plastic or stainless steel.

The mirror in the hallway.

mirror in the hallwayIn this room, the practical function of the mirror stands out most vividly. It's better to choose the product of large size for hallway, and place it next to the door, that you would be able to estimate once again in full growth your appearance before going "out."

However, even in the hallway, mirror may goes beyond it practical applicability. Horizontally elongated mirror expands the narrow space. The direction of the light sources from top to bottom on the mirror plane, visually makes the room more spacious. A similar method can be used in other rooms.

The mirror in the living room.

The mirror in the living roomHere the decorative sides of mirrors are most evident. Being one of the active and attracting the attention elements in the living room, the mirror must express a certain stylistic unity of all elements of the decor and accessories in the room.

Now let's focus our attention on the fact, in what part of the room and how the mirror should be hung, do not forget about one of the main qualities of mirrors - a visual extension of the space and creation of stylistic composition. For example, a good solution is to hang a mirror high on the wall with a large angle of inclination, so that you could see your reflection. Great importance has the frame style. It should be in harmony with the main colors in the living room, and be combined on the materials.

The mirror in the children's room.

The mirror in the children's roomYour child also needs mirror. Accustoms to see and observe his reflection, the child gradually learns cleanliness and neatness. Of course, the mirror has to be extensive and be inclined, allowing the baby to see himself.

The mirror in the bedroom.

The mirror in the bedroomIn such a place the use of mirrors is designed to create a comfortable, romantic atmosphere. Its advisable to install a mirrored ceiling with subdued light, or traditional oval mirrors with wooden frames of warm colors.

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