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The learning process involves the continuous accumulation of knowledge and Navykov, that is, self-improvement. But to this knowledge were fixed in the brain, they should be checked periodically. In practice, the university, the most common forms of fixation of knowledge and skills to conduct their own research and design work are the course and diploma projects. For their writing, as well as preparation for the haschite must be examined for several independent sources of information. This allows us to consider the problems more fully, to look at it, as they say, from different angles. Well and, accordingly, the uniqueness of the final work will be much higher if when preparing to use the information from completely different sourcesc. This principle is increasingly playing a role in further scientific work, improve their academic degree, which is accompanied by the writing and defense of a thesis. For the preparation of such a serious scientific work is required to study the experience of their colleagues in the scientific workshop and materials contained in already protected dissertations desired direction. Present-variables conditions make it possible to read the relevant works, without getting up from the table, using Internet facilities and resources "Digital Dissertation Library": disercat.com. The site has (to date there are more than 900,000 volumes). Such a method of storing and providing access to information has a number of significant advan-tage, compared with the traditional book depository:

  • saving time and money needed to travel to central bank data theses, search and work with them;
  • he retained the original fund, which due to the high popularity can quickly come into disrepair, andspace for storage is not enough;
  • accelerated search for necessary information and work with it.

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