How does the liquidation of the legal entity

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In any state activity objects and business entities is purely in the legal field and is subject to the regulatory, legislative acts. For example, in order to have the right to conduct any business, you need to start, be registered in the state bodies and inspections (the state register, the tax office, pension fund, etc.). EThis allows the State to exercise effective control of the company and appropriate deductions (taxes) to the appropriate authorities any course of activities of the legal person, there are various situations that may eventually lead, make it necessary to carry out the procedure of liquidation. In fact, it means the process of claimrekrascheniya real and legal existence of the legal entity. The liquidation process, regardless of the reasons that led to it, can be carried out in a voluntary or involuntary form. In the first case (the existence and functioning of the enterprise) is carried out on the personal initiative of the owner or group of owners. Most often it is associatedloss of interest in conducting this type of business, or reorganization of the enterprise processes. In the second case, the liquidation of the legal entity n roiskhodit forcibly by the decision of the court. The reasons that can be forced liquidation process, are strictly regulated by law. Mostcommon causes are:

  • violation of legislation in the process of creation of the enterprise;
  • activity without the appropriate license;
  • systematic violations of the law.

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