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The Lena River Siberia

The Lena River is the longest river in eastern Siberia. Its location on the map can be traced from the source, which starts from the Baikal Mountains, and up to the mouth, where the river flows into the Laptev Sea. The Lena RiverThe river flows through the territory of Yakutia, and its large tributaries Vitim, Olekma, Vilyui and Aldan are located in Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk Krai, Buryatia, Irkutsk and Amur region. Lena tributaries can be compared with a huge rivers. The length of the entire river reaches 4400 km.  Such length determines it 10 place in the world.   Lena basin area is ??2490000 square km. At the beginning of its flow the river turns sharply and often, has many rapids, and it's almost impossible to move on it. It has mountainous coasts. After the confluence of its major tributaries, Lena river becomes overflowing - its depth reaches from 10 up to 16 m. The left bank of the middle reaches of the river gradually becomes less steep. Over its entire length Taiga and the old large trees are located. Near the town of Yakutsk, Lena river has many terraces, mixed forest which is growing along its banks. Further out of town river overflows, increasing its depth up to 20 m. There the river forms many islands. Feature of the Lena River is the absence dams, hydroelectric power plants, ponds, making the water very pure. The movement of the river passes through the natural watercourse. Boundless beauty and wealth of the river attract tourists, fishermen.

Fish of the river Lena

The Lena River fishIn the waters of the Lena River, there are about 92 species of plankton and 38 species of fish. Vendace, nelma, omul, muksun, chir, burbot, and sturgeon belong to the most important valuable commercial fish, which have excellent taste. Rich fish resources long time ago have praised Lena and its tributaries. Above all inhabit of a large variety of fish is due to a good food supply and lack of dams on the river. Lena river taimen fishBeautiful meter long nelma and pike are quietly increasing their weight there, a local favorite taimen and noble valuable sturgeon can live together in these waters. Now you can catch individuals from 20 up to 65 kg. Fresh water Siberian sturgeon never descends into the sea. It feeds small crustaceans, insect larvae, not large  mollusks and small fish in the rivers. Now this species is listed in the Red Book. The Lena River fish Siberian sturgeonPeople learn easy to grow Siberian sturgeon in artificial conditions, which helps to restore this species. Starlet is another representative of valuable species of sturgeons of the Lena River. Lovers of fishing are well aware that such representatives of fresh water salmonids, as taimen and The Lena River fish lenoklenok (70 cm up to 8 kg), which relate to predatory fish are found in the Lena River. Moreover lenok due to its small size, compared to the roach, perch, white fishes and grayling often becomes a prey of taimen. If we talk about the family of white fish, it should be noted that the ordinary white fish (up to 68cm) reaches 12kg, muksun (33 - 75cm) - 18kg, chir (36 - 75cm) - 5-12 kg, peled (30-50cm) - 2, 5, 6kg. The Lena River Siberian Grayling fishSiberian grayling, who lives in the rivers and lakes of the area from the Ural Mountains to Chukotka, often regales with caviar of white fishes. Grayling is an valuable fish (up to 45 cm, 1.9 kg), which rises to the mountain rivers in the summer and finds calm deeper areas of lowland rivers and lakes in the winter. Lena river fish pikeVaried menu of this fish includes: worms, mollusks, insect larvae, small crustaceans. Looking for prey grayling are often jumping out of the water and catching insects on the fly. In addition to the fish of salmon family on the Lena River are found such predators, as: pike, sudak and nalim, which are preying on small fish. Lena river fish SudakDace and minnow Chekanovsky of the carp family, siberian chipper cleaver - a relative of loaches, Siberian bullhead of vyporotkovye family become prey. Abundance and variety of fish resources on the Lena River are always interesting, and The Lena River fish nalimstudied by nature lovers, scientists and attract in any season, as tourists, as real inveterate fisherman.

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