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Remember your life some 10-15 years ago. Certainly inechera held near the TV, watching your favorite programs, serials. It was one of the main (if not the main) source of information and entertainment. But it is during these last ten years, mankind has made the most ambitious leap in the development of technology in the history of its existence on this planet. Was created and entered into a firm ofihod Internet, which itself changed everything visible and invisible borders, change the level of knowledge and reduced to a minimum the information vacuum. Thanks to the Internet appeared almost limitless possibilities for communication, work, and, of course, entertainment. In particular this applies to all of this as part of popular entertainment, as viewing the bodiesevizionnogo content. The use of this term computer that has Internet access, solves several problems and obstacles to quality leisure time:

  • First, it eliminates the need to install the TV - all can be viewed on the monitor screen.
  • Secondly, watching TV in the online mode eliminates ethereal vacuum: disappears actual limit on the number of live channels available for viewing.

This eliminates the need for cable or satellite broadcast system, which means additional investments, asmaterials and installation, as well as for the services of operators. By the way, posmotre, simply. All that is needed - is the observance of at least three conditions:

  • personal computer (or other gadget with sufficient resolution of the screen), with the updated software;
  • have access to unlimited Internet;
  • sufficient speed Internet (usually above 1 Mbit / s).

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