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It goes without meaning to, one of the most peaceful countries - Ukraine - for a year, if not out of news feeds of all worldss news agencies. Exterior and interior has changed dramatically in recent years. Being a victim of aggression, Ukraine, in fact, is on the verge of full-scale war with his, a year ago, a strategic partner. Although the statements of Defense and the state leadership continues in line with the ATU and the ceasefire, no one, probably notremains a shadow of doubt that the east is, if not declared as required by international law, but the real war. Russia and maintained its militants persist in refusing to perform their same agreement, and so we have a daily summary of major news. In only a few, the most recent of them:

  • According to surveillance and reconnaissance, which leads NATO into Ukraine on a daily basis are the columns of armored vehicles, with the human resource and weapons. In particular, tanks, artillery, air defense installations. So, how can you not remember the epic with gumkonvoyami RF which is clearly not carry humanitarian aid to the population;
  • Ukrainian military continued heroically to keep the defense, inflicting heavy losses periodically militants. So, just for the last day was destroyed by a battalion of artillery, with armament supply and manpower, as they say, to 170 ... 200 people. Do not fall behind from the regular army and our guerrillas who killed this morninga group of terrorists "Kazatchkov" headed by the leader "Cossack Guard";
  • Meanwhile, arrived in Ukraine long-awaited mission to the Hague Tribunal, which, recall, is to investigate the events that led to the mass deaths of protesters on Independence;
  • Well, they do not remember what, Navertion, now most annoying - koalitsiada. There certainly no one doubt that the claimed professional selection for positions slowly begins to recede before the quota principle.

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