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At all times, our society was structured, Sectionlennym classes. Someone had everything and everyone (in the sense of serfs), and someone content with little. Time passed, changed boundaries, consciousness, people's views. Serfdom was abolished long ago, and modern man, regardless of income or social status protected by law. Nevertheless, it is impossible not to recognize the fact that different people in different waysearn and therefore have different financial capabilities. Someone is thinking about how to make a "renovation" of the apartment, counting every penny, and someone having money allows you to create unique design solutions for interiors, sometimes even high-end, luxury level. It is for this category of potential customers working onthan the design bureau. The point is not in the social inequality in relation to other customers, just objectively to pay for everything, and those materials and technology that we use, can afford only a small part of society - especially the elite troops, those of whom they say "do not know much to do with money. " These clients, most often,pay attention primarily on the luxury component materials that the ordinary man in the street does not come in handy. Ultimate luxury - it's jewelry, creative work, which takes into account the smallest details of materials, architectural elements, to finish works of art. All this should be in harmony and speak about the presences the owner of a superior taste. Create a similar interior can only proven and experienced team of professional designers, it is no wonder they say "expensive does not mean beautiful." The team of elite interior design DModul help you realize all your ideas and wishes adjusted to make them from the perspective of a harmonious style and CREATEAB, thus, a unique luxury apartments, houses, offices, shops and other residential and commercial premises.

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