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Today's society has become a victim of its development, increasingly preferring mIra virtual, neglecting the real. Why go to play football on the street, getting dirty, if you can play quietly and calmly at home on the computer? So many people think today, just as the dependence on virtual reality is increasing, going sometimes to the level of the real problem. However, there's no getting around it, and controlled timeyapreprovozhdenie the computer can benefit. We are not talking about the actual work on the PC, namely the time spent playing (although for some gamers, this process may well bring real earnings). Rhythm of life and work of modern man is too swift and surrounded by stress, so some time devoted to gamese can actually distract and unload the psyche. The problem is that the game - it is someone's development, and therefore intellectual property, for which you have to pay when buying discs. But the purchase, the more regular, you need a lot of money (especially if you buy the game for children who are very variable in the preferences), which is never enough. Exitof this situation is simple - from the Internet. Yes, it can not be a full game, not being able to use the resource pack or AC mode, but off-line functionality does not suffer at all, by the same authors assemblies can significantly adjust the game by removing all unnecessary and thus reducing the overall size of occupied space consisting ofanstva on disk. The most popular way of downloading games from the internet is a bit-torrent technology - is when the link to the game available on the torrent tracker (Exchange Online), and files directly to the game are on users' hard drives. Moreover, the total file divided into small fragments that can simultaneously gallopvatsya for different users. This greatly speeds up the download time, can be more clearly recover data in case anything happens. All games on trackers are clearly structured and divided into categories, so finding the right will not be a big problem and you will plunge into the world of pleasure.

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