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What more years etc.esyat or fifteen years ago was the prerogative of professional photographers and cameramen, now available to everyone mere mortal. Modern compact cameras and camcorders have a relatively low price, and a huge, both in its segment, the functional. All this allows us to feel like a photographer or operator of every common man. Especially because modern means of communication and access to various training information (on the internet), greatly expand your possibilities as to develop the techniques of shooting, and post-processing of digital photos and video. Now create your own movie from the footage and edit video on your mustachediscretion as easily as print text in Word. One of the best for today is a free video editor Movavi. Despite the shareware status, it has great functionality, such as reproduction (including the popular format 3D), recording, editing, importing audio and video streams. Among others, NaibLeah valuable features of this editor are: - the possibility of time-lapse video sequence breakdown; - Delete, edit individual frames; - Trimming and merging several video streams; - The presence of complex video of professional quality filters that are used to improve the quality of the image, creating a diverse and unique effects; - The possibility of adding a third-party voice, the correction level and sound quality; - The possibility of recording the final result in any available format.

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