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Anagram (from the words of Greek origin, literally & laquoOverwrite ») - a kind of reception in science, literature the essence of which lies in the rearrangement of the letters in a single word or phrase, and, as a consequence, « appearance » a new word or phrase. Sometimes the anagrams are understood non-functional literary devices, letter permutation of words. Fairly oftenis used to create a name alias, especially in our time, in relation to the stage.

Historically, the most famous personalities who used this method were: the famous French poet, satirist, philosopher Voltaire (real name - Francois Arouet Jr. &Laquo; Arouet Jr. » in Latin - AROVETLI andDo VOLTAIRE - as an anagram); outstanding, without exaggeration, poet, statesman and Russia in the first half of the XVIII century Chariton Makentin (alias Moldavian Prince Antiochus Cantemir). Currently, the most famous case of the use of such « for Education » is the nickname of the popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak (realoyaschee name, was a source - CAROLINA).

Studies show that an anagram refers to the ancient literary techniques - widely found it in the « Mahabharata & raquo ;, « Ramayana & raquo ;, « Iliad & raquo ;, « Odyssey & raquo ;, « Bible & raquo ;. Often anagram could serve as a cipher forexample, in the era of the great discoveries in the XVI-XVIII centuries among scientists (Galileo Galilei, Christiaan Huygens) it was decided to encrypt the results of discovery, in order to « to protect the authorship » and protect themselves from persecution and conflict with the Catholic Church. It is also used as a kind of word game for training scholarship.

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