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In our time, without advertising can not imagine any one modern company as we all know, "RiversLama - the motor trade "We can see advertisements everywhere: on TV, on billboards, on the Internet. In contrast to the first two options, which cost a lot of money - advertising on the Internet is much cheaper, and often even free - because you can go to the site Free classified ads that are on the Internet at least a dime a dozen in your area of ??interestie without paying a penny. But how zarazhdalas advertising? How to promote your products entrepreneurs nmogo years ago? This question tchatelno study students of the Faculty of Journalism at the course "Fundamentals of advertising." Here is a summary of the course:

History and milestones of development CAMPAIGNSama

Protoreklama in the ancient world

  • oral, written and display advertising on the territory of ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Phoenicia, Rome.
  • The oldest known advertising texts.
  • Primitive forms of tOrgov and political advertising.
  • The main content and purpose of advertising messages.
  • The first means and forms of distribution of the advertising information.
  • The Proclaimers and their role in ancient times.
  • Signs, ads, nasthenia inscriptions, etc.
  • The first attempts of legislative regulation of advertising.
  • The precursors of modern outdoor advertising.
  • The appearance of posters and stamps (stamps) as a prototype of trademarks and brand names.

Advertising in the early Middle Ages

  • Historical, political, economic, religious and cultural background of its development.
  • The disappearance of the need for advertising in the absence of any possibility of choice in all these areas.
  • The prevalence of word of mouth advertising: heralds, fairs, rumor.

advertisementsAMA in the late Middle Ages

  • Public - political, technical and cultural backgrounds. &Nbsp;
  • The invention of the printing press as a breakthrough in the process of mass communication.
  • The advent of print advertising (London, 1478).
  • The first flying sheets in Europe XVI century. - Prevalence of materials sciencein advertising.
  • The appearance in I half. XVII. The first English-language newspaper « Weekly News » (1622), advertising in the newspaper.
  • The first large-scale advertising campaign (England, sir. XVII.) - The introduction of tea and coffee on the market and create demand for them.
  • The first specialized advertising publications and advertisingagencies with a narrow specialization (England, 60 ies.)
  • The first experience of the distribution of free advertising publications.
  • The Law on Protection from low-quality advertising (England, 1752). 1797 - commissioning of the first advertising tax in England. Early. XVIII century. - The emergence and rapid development of the newspaper business in North America.
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