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Yoga for health and mood

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For the health and mood, perhaps, there is nothing better than to dance, really simplehands and stimulate the secretion of hormones of happiness and in general a positive impact on the figure. But just think what could replace such activity as dancing. I still decided to listen to what I have advised my favorite girlfriends do yoga, I hesitated for a long time, before you start, but eventually decided. Start struck me verd to understand such deep philosophy of his own body dance routine is very small. But when I reached the state it was when the inner world is connected with the outside - I still knew it was a lot better than some regular exercise.

The Vedas from the Puranas, it is on this epic were scattered teachings - This was the reason tWow, now that no one certainly can not establish the exact date of the formation of this doctrine as a whole.

This doctrine can easily be called a rather multi-faceted, often because its main purpose - to reach nirvana, nirvana rozshifrovuyut the connection of the creator and his creation . Yoga is also quite in the setGIH values ??has a hidden meaning, because quite often translated as "combination".

It is natural that the Yoga has many faces and forms. Quite common, you can easily call the yoga of action (karma Yoga ), ordered breathing and rulesial item, Yoga knowledge, the awakening of energy in the spine, proper use of basic sounds and words, meditation and contemplation. Each of them carries a certain energy and can reveal different chakras.

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