Hippocratic Oath


Hippocratic Oath

  Hippocratic Oath translated from Latin.

I swear by Apollon, Panacea, Hygieia, Asclepius, and all the gods, I take them as witnesses, I swear to faithfully execute, according to my strength and my knowledge, this written oath and commitment: to consider my teacher which have given me the secrets of medicine as my parents , share the wealth with him and help him if necessary; assume his children as my native brothers and sisters, and if they want to learn this art, to teach them free of charge and without a contract: inform instructions, lessons and other to my own children, to my teacher's children and my students that bound by oath and commitment by the medical statute and to no one else.
I treat patients according to my strength and my knowledge abstaining from causing any harm and injustice. I will not let anyone lethal drugs, and will not allow anyone to do this, and I do not give any woman a drug for abortion. Purely and immaculately I will carry out my life and my art. In any case I will not operate on those who suffer from stone disease, and will send them to people who are doing this. Everywhere I went, I shall come back to help the patient, without any unjust and harmful intentions, especially from love affairs with men and women, as free as slaves.
During the treatment if I have seen or have heard something about human life that that should not ever divulge, I'll keep silence about it considering such things a secret. Let for me - a man who firmly fulfills oath, will come happiness both in life and in art, and fame among the people for ever, and those who transgresses and gives a false oath let it be just the opposite.



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    Sanny - 24.11.2012, 09:23
    I thinks now not far all doctors follow hippocratic swear. Most of them follow the swear of money.