In Lviv as a result of an accident killed two people, three others - injured

in the Lviv region as a result of the accident killed two people, three more - were injured. The tragic event took place yesterday, February 19, about 21.05 hours on the highway "Kyiv-Chop" in Stryiskyi area. The driver of a passenger car Volkswagen Vento, 44 gichnyy resident of Mykolayiv region, heading towards Striy. According to preliminary reports, the man drove into oncoming traffic and made by car collision with Citroen Berlingo, led by 26-year-old Striy. The driver and passenger 41-year-old passenger car Volkswagen - from his injuries died at the scene. In addition, the helmsman affectedcars Citroen and two passengers of the car, 31-year-old and 40-year-old resident of Mykolayiv region. The victim was taken to Striyskoy hospital. The driver was diagnosed with a closed head injury and lethal wound head. The 31-year-old woman - a hip fracture, closed head injury and concussion in another passageyrky - killing wound and head injury. Guardians establish all the circumstances and causes of the accident. Currently the investigation. Press Service Management SAI in Lviv region