Zastavna police caught chernivchanyna who robbed a house

apartments attacker climbed to the man stole from where almost 6 thousand. The local police turned using 59-year-old resident of the village Zadubrivka, who reported that his home stole money. Employees of the Criminal Investigation Zastavnivsky rayotdelthe police quickly identified the attacker. They found 47-year-old resident of the city of Chernivtsi. The latter had already been brought to criminal liability for committing property crimes. He confessed to their crimes and explained that he planned to spend money on their own needs. At present, the present case under criminal proceedings under Part. 1c. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. A man threatens punishment of imprisonment for a term of three years. The police checked the attacker to commit similar crimes in the area. Ongoing investigation. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region