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34 fires occurred in Prykarpattia Last

days in the Ivano-Frankivsk region there were 34 fires, 27 cases of burning dry grass and debris in open areas. Dead wood fire occurred in the territory of Ivano-Frankivsk city council Tysmenytsya, Snyatynsky, Horodenkivsky Nadvirnyans'kyi, Rohatyn, Galician, Rozhniativand Kosiskoho areas. And 19 February at 08.35 h. in the village Sadzhavka Nadvirna there was a fire in one of the houses. The fire destroyed the wall of the building 2 sq.m. The preliminary cause of fire – no fire walls. February 19 at 09.00 h. Kukilnyky Galician village in the district on fire summerkitchen in one of the farms. The fire destroyed the window frames, doors, floors over an area of ??25 square meters, the roof over an area of ??25 sq.m. and household items. The preliminary cause of fire – short circuit wiring. On the same day at 13.15 hours. in the village Semakivtsi Kolomiyskogo area there was a fire in the room of a house. Firesem damaged ceiling rooms on an area of ??3 square meters The preliminary cause of fire – violation of fire safety in the operation of furnace heating. February 19 at 14.39 h. in Coloma Street Spring was a fire unfinished extension to the summer kitchen. The fire destroyed household goods. Preliminary cause of pozheJi – careless use of fire by unidentified person. February 19 at 15.29 h. in the village Dragomyrchany Tysmenytsya area on fire house. The fire destroyed the roof area to 30 sq.m. and damaged the roof on an area of ??70 sq.m. On fire rescued a house and outbuildings. The preliminary cause of the fire –no fire peredilky. February 19 at 18.32 h. CBS in the street Cheremshyna burned car "Opel Omega". The fire damaged the engine compartment, front, hood, and wiring the front wheels of the car. The preliminary cause of fire – short circuit wiring of the car. On February 20th 05.14 gunits. Ivano-Frankivsk Street Konovalets roof on fire uninhabited house. The fire damaged the roof of the building in the area of ??15 sq.m. The preliminary cause of fire – careless use of fire by unidentified person. Management DSNS in