In Bukovina near the railway bridge transporters detained two armed men in Bukovina

in the region strategically important railway bridge transporters detained two men with guns and two hunting knives. The units will service the transport police near the railway bridge on the island was. Rod found two pidozrilyh men, 1980 and 1079 born residents Kitsmansky area. The men were told by the railway bridge were for hunting ducks. However, the documents for carrying and storing weapons men could not produce. Also, permission to hunt had. Two guns "Benjamin Marauder" Hunting knives "Chrysostom" tand Steel were removed and sent for analysis. Currently, this fact collected materials tested investigative department at the station Chernivtsi. With respect to each man opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.263 Criminal Code of Ukraine "Wearing, construction, repair or sale of daggers, Finnish knives, brass knuckles or other bladed weapons without laneedbachenoho statutory authority. " Due to the difficult situation in Ukraine and the constant threat of terrorist attacks guard rail bridges greatly increased. In all such cases, the law requires police respond. Division of Public Relations Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv railway