Privat increased its authorized capital to 19.1 billion USD

February 10, 2015 the shareholders of the largest Ukrainian bank Privat during the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders approved a new version of the PJSC CB "PrivatBank". According to the bank, the statute was amended associated with an increase in authorized capital to 19,100,760 000 USD. The decision to increase the share capital was approved in the General Meeting of Shareholders November 24, 2014. Issue of shares PJSC CB "PrivatBank" was held by their partial allocation among existing as of November 24, 2014 shareholders. In fact placed 3,571,500 ordinary registered shares additional shareuu current nominal value of UAH 280.00 per share. Privat - the largest Ukrainian bank and retail bank leader. Today the bank serves 14.6 million retail customers, 334,000 corporate clients. In Regions Bank operates 2497 branches, 7537 ATMs and 12,165 self-service terminals.Assets Privat results for 2014 are UAH 204.6 billion loan portfolio over the past year increased by 13.2% to 161.3 billion USD. The amount allocated to the bank accounts of client funds since the beginning of 2014 increased by 6% (to 141.3 billion USD.). Privat finished 2014 with a net profit of $ 749 million USD.