Leonid Bytsyura: " Corruption disappears when people no longer accept it "

under the leadership of Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Leonid Bytsyury February 19 regular meeting of the working group is working on a draft Regional Programs Preventing and Combating Corruption in 2015-2016 years. It includes representatives of thunderadskyh organizations, experts and specialists in various fields. During the meeting heard proposals Director of the Department of Health RSA Vladimir Kurylo on anti-corruption in the health-care region. He stressed that the main measures to prevent corruption in medicine Ukraine based on the specificthese actions to attract public control and improve the qualification of. The key proposals that offered Vladimir - raising the professional level of doctors, transparent competition for vacancies, initiating the necessary reforms at the central and local authorities regarding the material and technicaltion of institutions, improvement of health insurance, the introduction of charities for donations and transparent process possible use of their reserves, public reporting on the use of others. "Indeed, health care workers in our country neperelyvky. But you can substitute the concept and justify it withlochynni corruption pravtsivnykiv of health care, - said Deputy Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Leonid Bytsyura. - It should be remembered that corruption disappears when people no longer accept it. And it works by 99, 9%. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration