In Zhytomyr per day rescuers eliminated 14 fires, including 2 - in ecosystems (!) Killed

and injured no hot weather and careless handling of fire citizens are given effect. Yes, July 4 at 15:20 on the item called ’ communication 6th State Fire and Rescue village of Brusilov was reported burning dry grass in the countryside Waterotyyi. Fire occurred on reserve lands of the village council. He noticed the villagers. They reported the fire to rescue « 101 & raquo ;. 17:30 DSNS fire fighters were eliminated. The next day, but at 2:30 the men of the 6th had to go for another one dead wood fire in the same locality. The fire was discovered Ownfor the enterprise, in which the fire occurred. The owner immediately notified the rescue service « 101 & raquo ;. Already at 05:15 DSNS fighters managed to liquidate fire. Total area of ??dry grass destroyed as a result of two fires about 3 hectares. The dead and injured there. In connection ’ connection with this, we call on citizens to refrain from solutioning fire in the forests and recreation places! &Ndash; appeals to public rescue service head Igor Nikitchuk area. - The cause of fires in this period could be even just thrown into the grass outstanding match or cigarette. Weigh this call and drivers who carelessly discarded cigarette butts on the roadside. As theexperience in fire suppression, lack of control over the process of burning debris near residential buildings and in the areas bordering forests, often leads to rapid spread of fire and thus irreparable loss. Even fragments of glass or bottle can be incendiary lens focusing sunlight. Therefore, you should be especially guardsthem in this period and always have ready means of fire. If you notice a fire in ecosystems – immediately call emergency services « 101 & raquo ;. Memory ’ Yatai: better to prevent a fire than to extinguish! In DSNS in Zhytomyr region