m. Radomishl: rescuers DSNS deblokuvaly injured in an accident a woman that got caught in the vehicle

on July 3 at 20:06 to the rescue « 101 » m. of employees Radomyshl district hospital received a request for assistance in the recovery of the injured women with blocked due to the accident by car. 0 20:10 guard duty 16 thState Fire and Rescue parts was already at the scene. In the center of Radomyshl collided VAZ 2104 and sprinter « Dodge & raquo ;. Due to an accident in the passenger car ’ riding in a metal fence from the damaged fuel tank came out. For fire safety fighters launched DSNS sleeve line to fire in case of possible operatyvno extinguish it. The woman driver who ran VAZ, the arrival of rescuers, doctors ambulance was taken to hospital. ITS is pasazhyrtsi needed help professionals - woman got caught inside the passenger cars in the front seat, his legs were badly injured, she felt herself extremely bad. To get the injured, rescuers had chance viaClosed cut benzorizu tools and deformed door relieve the woman and immediately provide first aid. In a state of mind she was transferred to the ambulance workers. Driver sprinter « Dodge » was in a state of shock, but refused hospitalization, received first aid on the spot. Reason traffic in Mayansportnoyi adventures of ’ yasovuyetsya law enforcement. Management DSNS Ukraine in Zhytomyr region