The mayor suspended the decision of the session in which ice pad removed from the public ownership of Chernivtsi Mayor Alex

Kaspruk vetoed the decision of the city council, which Arena (ice pad) property withdrawn from the local community. Note that this decision of the city council conflict withlegislation and interests of local communities Chernivtsi MPs took him without comments Department of Physical Culture and Sports, Department of Economics and Finance Department of the City Council. According to the agreement concluded in 2007 between the executive committee of the City Council, the stadium SDA "Bukovyna" and private entrepreneurseat that own funds invested in the construction arena, the latter undertook this place after entering into operation to transfer the ownership of the territorial community. Only after registration of ownership of the territorial community in this building entrepreneur acquired the right to receive the athletic arena rent for no less than 50 years, With crediting the amount of costs incurred in its construction funds in payment for the right long-term lease and rent. Sports Arena December 29, 2008 was put into operation. In the act of state acceptance commission stated that the owner of the arena is a territorial community of the city. Chernivtsi. Chernivtsi Regional Municipal Bureau of Technicalher inventory of 26 February 2009 registered ownership of the outdoor sports arena with a double operation: winter - ice pad summer - tennis courts with a total area 3488.20 sq.m (ownership certificate 001410). These actions of the Treaty - entrepreneur did not dispute. Thus, the sports arena,located at ul. O.Huzar 1, is part of the integral property complex KSOP "Bucovina" property territorial community of the city. Chernivtsi. The decision of the City Council on 30.06.2015 year 1646 About the statement of the contract 2131-jur from 10.07.2007r. on cooperation in the new edition "includes removal of the property from municipal propertyThat contrary to applicable law and the interests of territorial community. Chernivtsi. In addition, the decision will result in the possibility of withdrawal of land KSOP "Bucovina" which will break KSOP integral property complex "Bucovina", will complicate its use, maintenance and development. So the mayor StopSee the effect of this decision the City Council. Alex Kaspruk believes that the legal solution to the issue, which would correspond to the terms of the Agreement and not contrary to existing legislation, it would loan contract (free use) arena with a double operation: winter - ice pad summer - tennis courts vul.O. GuZar, 1 for a period of not less than 49 years, with all stipulated in the contract clauses regarding property rights guarantees the investor - Field PY, as repeatedly suggested by its decision the executive committee and the Chernivtsi City Council. Re-consider this decision MPs will at an extraordinary session of the City Council, which is convened 7 Dostump at 10.00 am. Before the veto, Mayor Alex Kaspruk involving entrepreneur - investor ice pad construction held consultative meeting with representatives of the sports public Chernivtsi. He noted that the main task is to preserve this community sports facility, its continued UseReference inappropriately and protect the rights of the entrepreneur-investor, for his creation of conditions that will allow him to further develop this socially oriented business. Alex Kaspruk convinced that to achieve this goal together with the entrepreneur found a mechanism that meets the current legislation. 07/03/2015 287-p About suspension of the decision of the City Council of the VI convocation of 30/06/2015 p. 1646 About the statement of the contract 2131-jur from 10.07.2007 g. Of joint activities in the new edition" This was reported in the Chernivtsi City Council