Luck "Leather Ball" among the clubs on a residence

first month of summer vacation city center physical health "Sport for All" finished urban games Final football "Leather Ball" teams of clubs in a residence City sports program (V group). Each year, students clubs at the end of Stage Competitionb of the yard and street fighting for the title of the strongest teams in the finals in each of three age groups. Fights took place on the football field NEC 24. tournaments held in two stages. In the first stage, by drawing lots, the teams were divided into two groups and played one round with each other. The second stage took place abutting games. In younger inikoviy group (2003-2004 birth years) won the first team of the club "White Ball" (specialist Yuri Ostrometskyy). The second place took the team of the club "Olympia" (specialist Nina Lysenko), and locked the top three winners players club "Arrow" (specialist Galina Tymoshchuk). In the middle age group (2001-2002 birth years) winners were: I mistse - club "Arrow" (specialist Galina Tymoshchuk), second place - club "Luchesk" (specialist Natalia Zin), third place - club "Olympia" (specialist Nina Lysenko). In the older age group (1999-2000 birth years) winners are the young athletes of the club "White Ball" (specialist Yuri Ostrometskyy). Silver medals won by the team of the club "Olympia" (SpecialList Nina Lysenko). And third place in a tense struggle took the team of the club "Luchesk" (specialist Natalia Zin). Competitions were held at the proper level. Team members showed their skills in the game and will to win, and received positive emotions and excitement of sports. The winners were awarded with diplomas Committee on Physical Cultureand sport and at the town council. This was reported in Lutsk city council