Hominets Basil: "Every member of the community has come to the elections of local councils carefully and responsibly. It is

vboru of each depends the future of his village, town or city. Especially it becomes noticeable after implementation of administrative reform. When local authorities get the main powers and leverage in the implementation of administrative functions, - theChairman of the Regional Council. - For analyzing the results of the regional contest "Locality best accomplishment and support of public order" by 2014, we can see how important that community leaders were proactive, professionally trained, decent people. That is where council are active, is the result. " Recall, June 25 at the SecondAnd the plenary session of the 52 session of the Regional Council made a decision, which determined the winners: "1.1. In the first category of settlements - villages, cities (except m. Ternopil) and town and city councils: being awarded third place - the city Shumskoye (Mayor Vladimir E. Pletyuk). 1.2. In the second category RESIDENCEx points - village and village councils: being awarded third place - Yazlovetskis Buchach district village council (village head Futryn Mariya). 2. Select from the regional budget: 2.1. Shumsky municipality of 50 000 USD. 2.2. Yazlovetskis village council district Buchach 20 000 UAH. Total: 70 000. " Reported bythe press service of the Ternopil regional council