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Chernigov: Budget mobilized workers compensation, personal income tax made UAH

DPI in Chernihiv recalls that according to the labor laws to workers called up for military service during the mobilization, the special period, but not more than one year, the guaranteed preservation jobs, positions and payment of the compensationtion of the budget of the average wage. Reimbursement of these costs by funds of the State budget in the manner specified by the Cabinet and approved by CMU Resolution 04.03.2015r. 105. To compensate the company, institution or organization submits monthly by the 15th of the social protection report, actual expense of middle income workers. The report must agree with the district (city) military commissariat who has an employee recruitment for military service. The law stipulates that income earned mobilized workers from the state budget in the form of compensation within the average earningsin not included in the taxable income of the employee is not subject to tax on personal income and military training. There is not charged and not charged a single fee of such payments. The specified procedure applies entities of March. For more details about the procedure of calculation and to benefitsAta institution average earnings workers can be mobilized on the official website of Chernihiv City Council in the "News colleagues," topic "STI informs." According to the DPI in. Chernihiv