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NASA unveiled drone capable to fly to Mars

NASA unveiled the first prototype airplane that can conquer the red planet's atmosphere. NASA UAV is able to fly to Mars. Photo: This writes the « Ukrainian Pravda. Life » referring to The prototype is similar to « advanced » Boomerang, but it can be a first step for human expedition to Mars, announced the implementation of which by 2030. The vehicle weighs 2.6 pounds on Earth (1.1 kg), but because of the gravity on Mars, it will lose one more pound (450 gr.). Thus, it is quite easy to fly about 30 kilometers at an altitude of 2 thousand. Feet (about 600 meters) above the surface of the red planet. Although drone launch to Mars planned for 2024, he tests you can follow in the near future. Already this year, NASA would place the experiments on the ability to withstand high radiation drone, and next – launch it outside the Earth at p ’ Five hours. This postswashed