Food Permanent suhpaykom harm military -

volunteers from the outbreak of hostilities in the east of the issue of food rose quite sharply. In particular, attention was drawn suhpaykom to supply military. After all, they were not the only source of nutrition soldier who, for example, sent a few days to explore. However Volontetery emphasize that constantly eat such food is harmful to health. This refers to the story of journalist project « perimeter » (Schobudnya at 21:35 on channel ZIK). Transcarpathian volunteers undertook to test suhpayok ??which fed the Ukrainian military. They find that it is impossible to eat. In fact, after constant use of suchFood military develop chronic ulcers. Themselves as soldiers on the frontline say good soldering. The biggest problem is just that there is no possibility of their warm up. &Laquo; canned sheer Generally, if they could even warm up. M ’ gums stew tasty, and good liver pate. But we have enough devices in fronthose that eat normally & raquo ;, – says military call sign of « & raquo ;. Shaman Volunteers add that required ’ necessarily need to expand diet. After eating a suhpayok ??more than three days is impossible. Instead, the fighters attacks usually go more than three days. &Laquo; suhpaykom no variety in food, such asin American military rations. US soldiers try to provide different food. Their suhpaykom has about 24 sets of menu & raquo ;, – explains volunteer fund « Phoenix Wings » Diana Petrenya. Therefore, to taste army porridge felt Defense Minister of Ukraine, the volunteers gave him some canned soldatskoho table. Stephen Poltorak acknowledged that the military should improve food and fast. He also noted that the Defense Ministry is actively working on this. However, the results will be visible faster than in 2016. &Laquo; has launched a pilot project. The Ministry has asked the government to allow it for the two units, which are optiahodyatsya nearby area ATO, arrange the purchase of food on another diagram. Namely, do not hire firms that will specifically provide food services and food purchased individually at market prices & raquo ;, – the expert of the Center of Political Studies and Analysis Gleb Kanyevskyy. Such innovation will virtually eliminate inpart of intermediary firms to provide services on nutrition soldiers. However, these changes are not profitable for the companies that are now fed Ukrainian soldiers. Therefore, in order not to lose profits, these companies due to legal gaps made it impossible to conduct competitive bidding this year. Among the companies that make money for soldiers suhpaykom Organizations « Avika & raquo ;, « Geos groups & raquo ;, « Ukrprodakord » and « Artek & raquo ;. Experts point out that they have these dubious reputation. &Laquo; These firms entered the military food market the Ministry of Defence in 2012-2013. This occurred at a time ministers of Yanukovych's team & raquo ;, – explains the expert Gleb Kanyevskyy. Told