Sanepidsluzhby reminder of the risks of viral hepatitis and HIV infections in barbershops

Incidence of viral hepatitis is a real threat to public health, including the complexity of an acute course, which leads to serious complications - cirrhosis and liver cancer. Therefore Lviv City Department of Public Institution "Lviv regional center Derzhsanepidsluzhby Ukraine "recalls the prevention of viral hepatitis and HIV infections. The press service of the Lviv City Council. Source of infection – these patients with any form of the disease, worn, icteric, bezzhovtushnoyu, patients who are hidden (incubation) and the initial period of the disease. When hepatitis B sourceinfection are patients with different clinical forms of acute, chronic viral hepatitis and cirrhosis, as well as healthy carriers of infection. Disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), manifested deep lesions human immune system, resulting in joining secondary infections, tumor formation or progressiveis the central nervous system. The disease is currently incurable, there are no specific prevention. Where do you get viral hepatitis and HIV infection? You can get during the piercing, tattooing, acupuncture, beauty salons, during manicure, pedicure, ear piercing, etc., when damaged skin Instrumentamy contaminated blood ’ S patient or carrier, in the sharing of razors, manicure sets. If grossly violated health standards, the place of infection can be any salon where providing beauty and hairdressing services. The main mechanism of infection – parenterally, that is blood. What you need to do to escapenuty infection? Carry Duty ’ compulsory sterilization process at the hairdresser hairdressing tools. For this sterilizers workers allowed to use the method of ultraviolet, thermal, ultrasonic or combined sterilization and products for chemical sterilization. Tools after each Usetion be required ’ compulsory disinfection disinfectant with a positive conclusion of the state sanitary-hygienic examination. Scissors must be disinfected after use, mechanically clean, running water to wash and sterilize. Tools and objects of plastic – brushes, combs – A necessary after useidno disinfected, mechanically cleaned and sterilized. We recommend the use of products for disinfection and sterilization of plastic products. Manicure necessary disinfected after use, mechanically clean, running water to wash and sterilize Electric cars need to be disinfected after useMechanically cleaned and sterilized, building wipe disinfectant solution. Clips and curler after using disinfectant solution treated mechanically cleaned, wash with warm water after each client Replacement nozzles for equipment in cosmetology and pedicure offices should be disinfected after use, mechanically cleaned and sterilized. Instructionsumentariy for applying make-up, make-up after each client must be disinfected, mechanically cleaned and sterilized. Toolkit for implementation tattoo and permanent make-up, which should be carried out only in the cosmetology office should be disinfected after use, wash under running water, mechanically cleaned and sterilized. FArba and devices used to perform the tattoo should be allowed to use. Staff must have the necessary number of alternate decontamination kits, but at least two. Before hairdressing procedures with each new guest artist must wash hands with soap, nails should be clean. During working daysI conducted the current disinfection and cleaning of surfaces, which touch visitors (door handles, pens, chairs, sinks for washing hair, shelves jobs). Once a month barber shop close to one shift for disinfection and cleaning of common areas. Tools after each use to be sanitizeddisinfectants with a positive conclusion of the state sanitary-hygienic examination. Tools should be stored in the space for instruments near the workplace. Barber must have a stock of linen in an amount sufficient to ensure continuous work and personal use, subject to the project claimotuzhnosti hairdresser and client flow. The use of disposable, waffle, terry and other towels for personal use. All drugs used in hairdressing, must have a certificate of compliance and a positive conclusion of the state sanitary-hygienic examination. Washing linen is usedin laundries or if designated areas of outbuildings with a supply of cold water and drain water availability as agreed. Laundry at home is prohibited. Duty ’ be sure to add disinfectants after cycle bp ’ yatinnya. Told