Lviv attached to the "Month of author readings." Poster

Lviv promises last weekend. Not only in the streets will be hot, but in the Philharmonic, where sound incendiary Latin American music. Furthermore, bibliophiles have an opportunity to start to discover new names of literature of other countries, because the Lion City joins the Moon author readings. A teatraly have the opportunity to attend the first International Festival of Puppet Theater. Photo: This and many more tell our poster. In Lviv ongoing First International Festival of Puppet Theater « and People and Puppets – 2015 & raquo ;. Programme: July 4, Saturday 12.00 – &Laquo; Secret Doll's House » Jaroslav Grushetsky Thrkaskyy Academic Puppet Theatre, Ukraine (Indoors LTEM « and People and Puppets & raquo ;, vul.Fredra 6) 14.00 – &Laquo; Lesyni LETTERS » S.Bryzhanya for staging poetry and children's letters UKRAINIAN Lesiya Khmelnytsky Regional Academic Puppet Theatre, Ukraine (Indoors LTEM « and People and Puppets & raquo ;, vul.Fredra 6) 16.00&Ndash; &Laquo; Lesyni LETTERS » S.Bryzhanya for staging poetry and children's letters UKRAINIAN Lesiya Khmelnytsky Regional Academic Puppet Theatre, Ukraine (Indoors LTEM « and People and Puppets & raquo ;, vul.Fredra 6) 19.30 – &Laquo; after the dog across the bridge » Jaroslav Grushetsky Cherkassy Academic Puppet Theatre, Ukraine (in the prymischenni Lviv Academic Theater. Kurbas st. Les Kurbas, 3) July 5, Sunday 12.00 – &Laquo; Fox, Cat and the Cock » Jaroslav Grushetsky Cherkassy Academic Puppet Theatre, Ukraine (Indoors LTEM « and People and Puppets & raquo ;, vul.Fredra 6) 14.00 – &Laquo; Red Riding Hood » Charles Perrault, Batumi railwayerzhavnyy and Puppet Theatre of Young Spectator, Georgia 16.00 – &Laquo; The wheel of fate » Irina Medvedeva, translation C. Mayorov. LTEM « and People and Puppets & raquo ;, Ukraine (Indoors LTEM « and People and Puppets & raquo ;, vul.Fredra, 6). On July 4 in Lviv held within 31 days Copyright reading, which will perform from 62 writersfour countries: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Thus Ukraine joins the largest cross-border literature festival in Central Europe. On Saturday Lviv audience waiting at 19:00 Richard Krynitskoho performance, at 20:30 Zabuzhko. On Sunday you can visit the author's reading Maros Krainiak (19:00) and Alexander Mykhed (20:30). Lviv Palace of Arts invites you to a weekend at the Pop Up Market which will be presented clothing, accessories, and a lot of different things for young and modern people. On Sunday, the square in front of the Opera House, the area to the city ’ Shevchenko Monument, skate park near the Powder Tower will become a festival ground Yarych Street Fest. Try yourself in extremalnyh with sports professionals will all comers. The festival also will get the strongest man of Ukraine Vasily Virastuk. He will bring several athletes, including – strongman Sergey Koniushkiv. Also in the festival of extreme sports will Doubles Championship with Ukraine strongman – in opposition to convergeohatyri from Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv. Competition judge Vasyl Virastiuk, Vladimir and Sergei rekshe Konyushok. MUSIC At 18.00 on Sunday audience at the Lviv Philharmonic wait rhythms of Latin America. The highlight of the concert will be the young conductor of Italian origin from Buenos Aires – Ramiro Arista, whose work combines European traditions, Balkan folklore and Latin American rhythms to give the audience a truly unforgettable experience and emotions. Saturday REPERTOIRE THEATRES Lviv Opera 18.00 calls for « Natalka Poltavka & raquo ;. In the theater Zankovetskoy 18.00 show performance « Vij, the breeze! » ;. SUNDAY REPERTOIRE In Lviv Opera noon show « Magic flint & raquo ;, and at 18.00 « Don Quixote & raquo ;. Zankovetska Theatre invites you to play « Symphony tears & raquo ;. The first Ukrainian Theater for Children and Youth show at 15:00 « Beautiful Carpathians & raquo ;, and at 18:00 Personal Jesus. Cartoon Thoughts navyvoriv. Riley – ordinary 11-year-old schoolgirl, and how each of us determine its behavior n ’ Five basic emotions: joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust. Emotions live in the minds of girls and every day to help her cope with the problems of managing all its actions. By the time the emotions of living together, but suddenly it turns out that Riley andwaiting for her parents move from a small cozy town in noisy and crowded metropolis. Each of emotions thinks that she knows better than others what to do in this difficult situation, and the girl in the head comes complete confusion. To establish a life in the big city, get comfortable in a new school and make friends with classmates, emotions have to Rileyand again learn to work together. Pinhvinchyk Pororo big races. In a remote village pinhvinchyk lives Pororo, who wants to grow and become a real racer. Once in their lands makes emergency landing cargo plane with turtles carrying sleds for winter racing. Mistakenly thinking that the turtle is the same riders pinhvinchyk WMOvlyaye them to give him a few lessons skill, and then sent to the competition. But arriving at the place, he realizes that to win is not easy, because the rivals he repeated champion of the race and the evil White Tiger paw bears who always do different approaches rivals. What's new &Laquo; Terminator: Genesis » (Fiction, thriller,thriller, adventure). When John Connor, leader of the resistance, sending Sergeant Kyle Riza back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor and save the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a rift in time. Sergeant Reese is in a new, unfamiliar version of the past, where he meets unexpected allies, including Terminator, dangerous new enemies, anda new mission: to change the future ... &Laquo; Super Mike XXL » (Drama, comedy, music). Three years after Mike at the peak of its popularity graduated car ’ EMU stripper and club « King Tampa » is almost ready to admit defeat. But to accomplish this in his own style: preparation « light » Myrtle Beach, they re pozdilyat stage with the legendary Super Mike. The road to the last show runs through Dzhekonsvill and Savannah, where Mike and the guys meet old friends and new zavedut and learn a couple nezayalozhenyh movements. &Laquo; Stripping » (Thriller). Since Cole has witnessed a murder, his life rolled into the abyss. His wife left, he suffers from halyutsynatsiy, and the bread has to make cleaning carpets. At a time when Cole seemingly reached the bottom, causing it to night work in a country mansion ... « OLD » NEW RELEASES &Laquo; Odd Man 2 » (Comedy). Teddy bear continues to madden pretentious intellectuals. This time the bear and his leggy BlonieDinka decided to have a baby. Where not tried nature, come to the aid donor star, city crazy and loyal friend Johnny. He had just parted with Lori and ready for new adventures. Third is not superfluous. &Laquo; Angel Face » (Drama, thriller). After the murder of a young girl that thundered throughout the world, the Italian cityPirudzha coming young director to prepare for the filming of the movie based on crime. There he met with American journalist Simone Ford, who recently wrote a controversial book about it. The city ruled the ball frenzied reporters from around the world that dumped on the audience at the TV screens pile « dirty laundry » in pursuit ofscreaming headlines. But as the girl killed completely forgotten. &Laquo; Night Beauty » (Horror, fantasy, detective). A young guy named ’ I will by strange and tragic circumstances of losing his beloved Esmu. He believes that the cause of her death was the appearance of a demonic creature. The event shocked him so that he falls into a psychiatric clinic. Piznishe when you're out there, he is offered a job in the country estate of an old woman. The woman is very weak because of all her affairs in charge of the butler. This couple looks somewhat fearfully, but favorable conditions of work, and Toby agrees. How then ’ yasovuyetsya the house has another resident – a young girl suffering from rarein sickness – allergic to daylight. It is locked in a special room. Something it reminds him of Esme. But who is actually these people to whom he was? &Laquo; World Jurassic & raquo ;. Because 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park on the island Nublar operates a theme park ever conceived by John Hammond. By this time tookiduvanist park is already beginning to fall, and the company owner opens new attraction to attract visitors, which leads to unpleasant consequences. Told