Most Ukrainian military stopped to help - volunteers

Ukrainian volunteer organizations is not enough money to provide all the necessary military. Donors say that now people not actively helping the army had done it before. This is stated in the plot program first Western news « Review of the day&Raquo; TV ZIK (schobudnya 21:00). More than a year volunteer Irina Yaremko working in non-stop. She constantly called on ’ communication with Ukrainian military at the forefront. The woman says that apart from moral support, most boys need clothes and military equipment. But if you get a year ago it was just, it is not at allsufficient. So volunteers concluded that Ukrainian resigned to war. &Laquo; We have records that we zanotovuvaly donations people. People came and brought money, as much as I could. And sacrificed 20 and 50 hryvnia. But now 2-3 days no donations, and it is very sad & raquo ;, – Irina says volunteer Yaremko. &Ndash; We havefellow retirees who come here every month and donating funds. They forget that there is a war. But we have such friends, and that is a costly plan to vacation at sea. They care for their peace of mind that in the East fighting and dying boys & raquo ;. During the half year war in Ukraine intensified hundreds of volunteer movements. His screamonky funds for activists placed everywhere to help everyone, than can. Even two hryvnia, tell volunteers, a big donation. Volunteers have concluded that only six months ago, one day they had to lay off several times boxes of the collected money. But to gather at least half, you almost a week. Psychologists poyasnyuyut that Ukrainian psychologically exhausted. Information on deaths and injuries, which a year ago seemed terrible now become commonplace notification from the east. &Laquo; Now Ukrainian society is very similar to ill person living with chronic illness all his life. After a certain period, this person just gets used to the disease and stop paying attention toPain & raquo ;, – said psychologist Rostislav Hryvul. In addition to expensive ammunition, military need and summer clothing. However, and this, tell volunteers, provide them hard. Among the main problems of volunteers not only monetary support. Charitable organizations do not have enough physical help to packed east that failed nazbyrand you. Told