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City Council Secretary Nikolai Vitenko: "The fundamental position is not to give any piece of green zone"

Interview Secretary of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council Nikolai Vitenko journalist online edition "" Roman Turia Nicholas Vitenko elected secretary of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council in late 2012 to replace Ruslan Martsinkivu, which nereyshov to work in Parliament. This choice of deputies and mayor for many was a surprise. However, the time elapsed Vitenko proved worthy of the organizer of the local "parliament" and prominent local politician. - At the last session of the City Council voiced from the rostrum you request deputies of the Arsene release AvaCova from the post of Interior Minister ... .Chy felt no discomfort personally criticized Interior Minister? - I feel uncomfortable with the fact that the country was changing for the better. For example, we hear about fighting power of volunteer battalions. Avakov deals mythical activity in Facebook, and catch Klyuyev, in whose hands the blood of Heroes SquareFor some reason could not. And such cases are not dozens, but hundreds. During her position as Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Avakov not reached any results in investigating crimes against the dignity of the Revolution of 2013-2014 years. Moreover, according to a report by the expert group of the Council of Europe to investigate the events on the Maidan, published 3March 1 this year, the Interior Ministry directly impeded the prosecution of the main suspects in the shooting of citizens to Institutska. And what can we say about the continued flourishing of corruption in business courts, even law enforcement? Avakov requirements sabotaging the Revolution of dignity, and therefore should resign .. - In general, they say, was in the top three Avakov Categoriesaybahatshyh officials of Ukraine ... Is it in our time does not matter? - Do not even surprised. Unfortunately, the government Yatsenyuk ordinary patriots of the people actually left. There are people who have no problem to agree with the oligarchs. - It appears that the City Council, in contrast to regional, still less politicized. Loud political statements in your work - withkorishe exception than the rule. - Exactly. The major forms of urban MPs is to work in the district, and commissions directly in the plenary of the City Council. MPs - people who at one time the community has chosen to reflect its interests, and we try to act accordingly. Advantages of a revolution - were deputies in the street, in theincluding during 19-20 February -svobodivtsiv 10 members took part in the events in Kiev, there is war in the East - 3 deputies Svoboda, namely Gnativ Andrew, Peter Gavrish, Michael Malyarchuk serve others help through volunteering and so on. Now one of the major issues is raising unjustified tariffs, freezing the growth of salaries and pensions,which leads to poverty, and it can be heard at every step. Of course, we have to inform the community of our city position to state leadership and respond to the situation. However, our work is the main course in the economic plane. For four and a half years was 55 sessions of the City Council which was adopted in 1787 decisions! In particular svobodovtsev were prepared and introduced such programs and solutions: a program of modernization of road infrastructure, construction of houses adjoining areas, upgrading housing, local government development and civil society for measures to increase the network of pre-schools, provision forCity line total electronic registration of children for admission to preschool educational institutions, draft decisions on securing land for the gardens. This is not a complete list of solutions and applications, the authors were Svoboda. But these solutions and applications provided together with the city council budget financing Allowor implement, not afraid of the word, a revolution in local hostess. Take the fact that the last four years repaired roads 15 times more than the previous 10 years, massively fitted yards, construction of new kindergartens. - In general, how "hard-working" are the deputies of the City Council - who can be called inidminnykamy in attendance, and who - Losers? - Council device is relevant statistics and we will regularly provide sociological services and the media, which in turn is causing dissatisfaction deputies truants. To be valid, to note that the most disciplined faction is the faction "Svoboda" - took 87%iduvanosti. Sadly, last year especially, are increasingly going to other deputies on the brink of a quorum. I can understand the motives of MPs who were elected to the board and even to ten of 55 possible sessions were not present, but unfortunately available. - Recently enacted a new statute of the city. Its need and possibilities already said a lot. Yetis - in your opinion, the community is ready to apply this tool to solve their problems? Do city problems? - Charter of the City - is its Constitution. Now here is clearly documented rules that is long overdue. In particular due procedure of public hearings, reporting the first of town and deputies. Also improved process of submission to theCity Council local initiatives. Now it needs to collect only 200 signatures ivanofrankivtsiv. This is a practice unique to Ukraine! Also in the Charter disclosure obligation prescribed in Internet audio transcripts of sessions and meetings of the executive committee, which makes government more transparent. - We know that you personally opikuyetesya theme protect Zelein zones of development. What kind of results you can talk? What now green areas are still threatened area? - It is pleasant to note that this convocation city council turned his face to the conservation of recreational areas. Yes, we have secured 43 sites around the city in parks. Some of these sites had to defend and repel in buildingbureaucrats through the courts. Thus, gardens on Vytvytsky, the houses on 126-128 Galicia, house 4 John Paul II, and on 67 Gnat Khotkevych and many others had to fight through the courts. All this is a consequence of the deputies of previous convocations adopted decisions. What is worth only the fact that the 60 deputies of the previous convocation were 32 zabudivnykamy!Apart from the insurance area we are working on refining gardens. Almost completely finished landscaping the station square, go work on improvement of the park on Stus, will soon begin work in the park on military veterans. I believe that the principled position of power in the city should not give any piece of green areaFor total and chaotic construction ivanofrankivtsyam already inflicted irreparable damage, though all the consequences of the "deribana" land we have not yet experienced. - Still active community discusses the need to protect the green zone near the lake. Thus, recently a court forced the government to force the tenant to give him the land lease for another three years. As a lawyer and a citizen of the city - as prokomentuyete such a decision? - In the case of a lease on land near the lake judge pereselenka zone of ATO decided to make his Donbass in the Carpathian region. As you can see, this decision did not agree not only community but also the judiciary municipal court, which journalists said the head of the court itself. I think at the next session of the City Council, we consider this issue. One of thenayu sure - deputies svobodovtsy suck buildings green zone not only this, but other districts of the city. - One of the resources, which disposes of city council, is a land community. How many areas have now can be sold to pay rent, to fill the city budget? - The main items of revenue is from the Jurassic land taxentities - its planned 17.9 million. per year and rent from legal persons - 26m., revenues from land use by individuals make up 4.4 million. Also planned for this year revenue of $ 6 mln. from the sale of land areas. Currently, almost all articles by half results will be over-but in thoseomu do not stop. Of course, the "golden time", which is 2004-2008, when the economy was growing and could sell the land to good price has expired, the vast majority of these lands were leased and built. However, the City Council created public control over land use and protection and this mechanism has started to give real rezultaty. Yes, it is possible to fix the misuse of land and squatting and indemnify community. Previously, this feature seems to be "served" State Agricultural Inspectorate. As for the free land plots for sale, then these, again, almost gone. - In the context of land scandals begs the question -chances are that the MPs present approved the convening of a rather controversial new draft master plan? - I will say honestly - I do not believe in adjusting the master plan produced by all the convocation, and there are many reasons. First, is the current master plan on which we can work until 2025, ie in time for adoption of a new master plan of the city is more than enough.Secondly, I will not go into details, but adjusted master plan contains too many things to be called "lobbying" and legalization construction, which was carried out contrary to the general plan. Third - I hope that the level of civil society, we will continue to grow and people will be interested in are not the master planlky then when already under windows digs a pit or reduced construction fence. So, on the initiative of deputies svobodovtsev is held public hearings to discuss the master plan for the city districts, the schedule posted at the city council. Unfortunately, only one of the five hearings already held, gathered numerous group LJew. I believe that such a document for consideration should be approached thoroughly and in detail, and the present convening this time is not enough, and local infrastructure issues now need to settle the detailed areas. - Subject saving green Frankivsk You probably about a father and two small children. Do not interfere predstavnytska work pay due attention to the family? - Say that enough time enough for a family I can not, for the same work at the weekend diluted district, public events and other unforeseen events. But I believe that learned to effectively use the time that remains. Eventually, the eldest son play with football, which 10 years to go to the thingKu family adds vitality and inspiration. Material online edition "" This was reported in the Ivano-Frankivsk City Council