During six months of this year 2445 Chernivtsi provided information and advisory services

For six months in 2015 to the executive bodies of the City Council received 2445 appeals. Among them: the oral - 390, written - 2055, e-mail - 52. After authorities received 465 appeals. Among them: the line of government Cabinet of Ministers of UkraineHN - 237 with Chernivtsi Regional Administration and the Chernivtsi Regional Council - 197, the prosecutor's office of the city and the region - 31. On a personal reception mayor during this period visited 225 citizens. Deputy Mayor accepted 117 citizens. Most Chernivtsi disturbed the construction, repair and remodeling apartments, SOCialnoho protection, material aid, payment of debts on wages, subsidies, question landscaping, street cleaning, road repair, improvement of living conditions, land relations, transport services, health care and trade, life and rental apartments. Six months 2015 2445 Information provided Consultatyvnyh services to city residents. Since the launch of the project "Open City" registered 597 appeals. The city Chernivtsi 314 registered users, 27 organizations. As of July 2, 3306 registered users, 317 organizations. This was reported in the Chernivtsi City Council