One of the best in Rivne Ukraine recognized center of administrative services

One of the best in Rivne Ukraine recognized center of administrative services Center for providing administrative services (TSNAP) as the first point of contact people and government has been in operation in our city since 2012. In the beginning it was just a department, the city of RivneAda, which employed three specialists. But a great start small. as the Office of the provision of administrative services Rivne City Council to be charged with responsibility for the management and organization of TSNAP in Rivne - 15 successfully working professionals whose services are used by thousands of equations. Aboutthe success of the institution by the fact that Rivne TSNAP recognized as one of the best in Ukraine according to a survey conducted in 10 cities - regional centers of Ukraine. Prior to the survey were involved activists of NGO "Support". The study was conducted from 8 to 13 December 2014 commissioned by the Center for Political and Legal Reforms for financial support EuropesEjsk Union. Overall a good estimate of the Centre provided 96 percent of those equations that have used its services. In 2013 the results of a similar survey this figure was 75%. Head of the provision of administrative services Rivne City Council Vitali Herman said that the institution is constantly monitoring the publicand as part of various projects and refers positively to this fact and believes that such measures are necessary to reform the system of administrative services, improving the quality of administrative services. But the fear of such inspections or hide something does not make sense. One of the main criteria of our work is open and prozorisTh. In addition, their work guided by the principles of accessibility and universality. We have a flexible and convenient schedule for citizens, and our administrators - and multidisciplinary specialists with appropriate training. That is, when people come to the center for services it can provide any of the employees. Work is currently underway to introductionelectronic services for citizens. In this area there is also a considerable achievement: official websites TsNAPiv Rivne and Vinnitsa become leaders overall efficiency ranking among the 100 largest cities in Ukraine, getting to 148 points, with a maximum possible 165 points. Monitoring was conducted during 2014 in the framework of the project "100 cities - a step forward. Monitorring Period tools of e-government as the basis for the provision of electronic administrative services ", which is supported by UNDP in Ukraine. Director said that in his work focuses on German and Polish experience and modern management techniques and team building. By the way, director of the center took appropriate training for kerivnykiv TsNAPiv in Germany, where he visited the centers are also similar in the 2 cities. The knowledge and experience is now embodied in Rivne. This was reported in the Rivne City Council