In Rivne money from flowing in the bus routes

Another week passed not as urban bus fares went up to UAH 3, and are significantly and the eye that stores trolley passengers has increased, and the bus was free. - Noticeable and revenues to the trolley park from ticket sales - confirmed our Observationent Head of Transport and Communications Vitaliy Myronyuk. - Daily revenue troleybusnykiv increased an average of 10 thousand. That really move on trolleys 7000 paid passengers. But Minibuses, therefore, lost 21 thousand UAH. Minibuses now not to be envied: when did the calculations for the tariff increase to USD 3,the cost of a liter of diesel counted for 17 USD. Now, less than 21 hryvnia not, and price increases almost daily. What's next: increase the price of tickets and lose another 7 thousand passengers or tighten belts entrepreneurs carriers and drivers, as they now pulls all the people? For whatever it was, according to the City Department transand that communication services of public transport every day uses about 235 thousand passengers. And more or less they will not. And people, if you can choose, sit in the type of transport that is convenient and, most importantly, cheaper. Sergey Snisarenko This was reported in the Rivne City Council