Rivne representatives traffic police and the public met at "round table" (+ photos)

In the management of traffic police Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region July 3, held a meeting with the leadership of the State NGO "Ground Control Measure" and "Avtomaydan Exactly." In the "round table" was attended by head UGAI Rivnenschyny Alexander Semenyuk, deputy head of STI MIA Peter Kharchuk, Chief of the traffic management and surveillance of road traffic police administration Valery Andrew and representatives of NGOs. The topic of discussion was the restriction of movement in the area outside the Cathedral in Rivne and control traffic police for compliancetraffic. In addition, there are considered other issues concerning road safety and legal conflicts that occur during communication with the State Employees road users. The result of the meeting was the coordination of joint actions that will strengthen ties and partnerships for prevention Avariynosti Roads Rivne. It was reported the press service of STI of MIA of Ukraine in Rivne region