Rivne: drunk driver - potential danger! (+ Photos)

Road - very demanding and sometimes relentless, it does not excuse negligence or frivolous attitude. Unfortunately, the situation on the roads has long been compared to the fighting, because the sad statistics of accidents each year thousands of new facts updated. Despite the preventive measures that posbe constantly carried out by traffic police Rivne region, this year an increase in the number of accidents due to the fault of drivers who led the vehicles while intoxicated. Since the beginning of the year registered 129 such accidents. For the same period last year - 93. It should be noted that the total number of register theirstrovanyh specified type of accident was recorded 27 accidents with victims, as a result of which 5 people were killed and another 35 were injured of varying severity. ? Traffic police officers Rivne during their service-oriented detection of gross violations of traffic rules. A control drunk is like that. In Augustednomu daily inspectors area about 20 adminprotokol for this type of violation? says Head of SAI Rivne Alexander Semeniuk. Please note that one of the causes of road traffic accidents is the poor discipline of road users and the lack of elementary understanding between them. That is whyeach person should think about the value of their lives, the lives of their loved ones, change their attitude to the rules of conduct on the road and strictly adhere to them. It was reported the press service of STI of MIA of Ukraine in Rivne region