Chernivtsi: Buy products in natural markets - dangerous

In order to prevent acute intestinal diseases gossanepidsluzhby warns and recommends only use the services of the fixed network of grocery stores or markets of the city. Elemental trade - a trade individuals without any relevant documents that guaranteetion safety and quality of food. The purchase of goods in places "spontaneous trade," under conditions that do not meet sanitary requirements can result in disaster for you, your family and friends. Basically the "natural markets" sold products which manufactured or grown at home and farms. None of the products Categoriese is laboratory control. Moreover, in any case not respected the conditions of storage, transportation and sale of meat and milk and other products, there are no conditions to cold. There is no information to the consumer about the shelf life of the final food product that requires special conditions. These products represent high rioutcry health and life! Trade with hands in undesignated places - the offense for which provides for liability under Article 160 of the Code of Ukraine on administrative offenses as a fine. No administrative measures to offshore inspections can not completely remove elemental trade. To eliminate it firstall should tune residents of our city. The only correct way to fight - is not to buy food and other goods at irregular trade. So, dear Chernivtsi, buying food in the "natural" sellers, do not expect to once again in luck. Sooner or later, the spontaneous market respond so-called "hospitalyanym vacation. " This was reported in the Chernivtsi City Council